11 Important Things to Pack For a Trip

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Hooray, you’re off to travel the world!  Before you embark on your adventure, it’s important to go through this packing checklist first, so you don’t forget to pack any of these not-so-obvious, yet very important travel items:

First Aid Kit

In some countries, you can easily and cheaply get medications, like antibiotics.  However, you could get stuck in the middle of nowhere without a pharmacy, or the country you’re traveling may require to see a doctor in order to obtain certain medications, so it’s important to pack these medications.  And sometimes, simple medications can’t be found in other countries.  I was consistently plagued with various mutations of colds and flus for three months in South America, but I learned that cold and flu medication doesn’t exist in those countries and it really sucked.  Now I never travel without cold and flu medication.  I also pack antibiotics, Ibuprofen, eyedrops, stomach illness medicine, Band-Aids, small scissors and hydrocortisone cream.  Other optional extras are motion sickness tablets, allergy meds, and melatonin for jetlag.  


Research the type of electrical plugs your destination(s) will have.  Adaptors that fit your foreign chargers are typically very difficult to impossible to find once abroad, so these are extremely important to pack before you leave.  Also, check the voltage if you bring a hairdryer/hair straightener/curling iron, etc, and make sure it will be compatible, otherwise you will destroy your device.

Chargers and a Portable Battery Charger

Remember to pack all your chargers for all of your electronics.  I’m notorious for forgetting to pack my phone charger and it’s annoying, inconvenient and costly to keep buying them.  A portable battery charger is hugely helpful, especially for long travel days and overnight hiking and camping.


It’s not cheaper when you get there.


Especially if you’ll be staying in hostels, specifically in dorm rooms.

Numerical Padlock

You’ll need one to use the lockers provided in hostels and you don’t want to worry about misplacing the key.

Emergency Cash

There will be times when your bank and credit card won’t work in the ATMs (or if you’re robbed or lose your wallet) and you don’t want to be stuck without money.  Take a few hundred US dollars or Euros for emergency situations.  Don’t carry it around with you, instead keep it in a safe place in your hostel/hotel.

Backup Cards

For the same reasons as above, bring backup bank and credit cards and keep them in a safe place

And don’t forget your passport!  

Optional Extras:

Spork and a Swiss Army Knife

A spork (a spoon and fork hybrid) and a Swiss Army knife are handy when you need to eat on the go.


Super handy for when the electricity goes out or you go on an overnight camping adventure.


It’s also a good idea to make your own personal packing checklist.

All packed!  Now your travels will run a lot more smoothly 🙂


For further travel preparation recommendations, see 14 Important Things to Do Before a Trip

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