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Nairobi Nairobbery

Nairobi a.k.a. “Nairobbery”

This post is part of a series called Africa Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and the business capital of East Africa, is one of the most dangerous cities in Africa.  It’s often called “Nairobbery” due to all the car-jackings, kidnappings and armed robberies.  And let’s not forget the rapes, terrorist attacks, violence, explosions in public places and…

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Rhino Spotting in Kenya's Lake Nakuru

This post is part of a series called Africa Kenya’s Lake Nakuru, an alkaline lake located in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, offers a great variety of wildlife and scenery.  Lake Nakuru has the world’s highest concentration of black and white rhinos, making it the best place to see rhinos in Africa, unlike most other safaris, where…

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